How to shmuuz

Click on the IMAGE

Each thumbnail image is a link to the big mama fullscreen version of itself, along with lots of information.

"More info"

Same as clicking the image: 'More info' is a link to the fullscreen event or display, along with lots of info.


Each tag is a link to another exploration through SHMUUZ. The tag acts as a search term.

What is a BLURB?

A BLURB can be temporary, such as an event announcement. Or it can be timeless and permanent. It might describe an artist's studio and her work, or a shop's wares, or a school's mission. It is usually paired with a STORY.

What kind of STORY?

A pictorial story, a stream of full-screen pictures with captions, telling you all about the event, artist, shop, school, etc.


The big icons are mainly self-explanatory. This one leads to the STORY. This one is a link to this entity's website or homepage, where you will find more information. The globe takes you to a full page map.

Can I advertise on SHMUUZ?

Absolutely. Start your own platform. Learn more here.

I have more questions

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CLICK :: demo, Buffalo, news, beer or ENTER :: CLICK :: demo, Buffalo, news, beer or ENTER :: e.g., demo, Buffalo, beer

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